Welcome to Eurozeit, lead partner of automobile industry in the production of finished cables and other dedicated solutions within the cable industry.


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Eurozeit company is specialized for production, folding and montage of wires/cables in automotive industry, either of whole products or sub-assemblies specified by TIERs demand. Installation cables for heating seats, produced in our company, are used in major automobile brands. Our partner is IGB Automotive comp D.O.O Inđija.

July 8, 2017

5S implementation – Eurozeit

With the implementation of Kaizen business philosophy better performance of the production process has been achieved. Company Eurozeit performed series of internal courses for implementing 5S […]
July 8, 2017

3DS Enovia – Eurozeit PLM solution

Eurozeit signed partnership with Cad-Cam Group in implementing Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) solution, 3DS Enovia – collaborative innovation software. ENOVIA Product Planning and Program Management delivers “invisible governance” which provides […]

We are in the
industry starting from 2004

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EUROZEIT Ltd. Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia was founded in 2007. We manage production, assembling and installation of cables for automotive industry since March 2008.

We are working as outsourcing company for automotive TIERs and we are manufacturing installation cables for the auto seats, which are featured in major automobile brands.